Welcome to my little world, I am so happy to be sharing it with you!

If you have a wedding coming up, congratulations! This is a very special and memorable time for you with lots of excitement between your engagement and wedding.

I love weddings, everything about them…from the excited guests, to the little flower girls, the dimmed lights and the first dance. Most of all my ultimate favorite part is seeing the bride’s face full of love and joy as she and her fiancé vow to honor and cherish each other forever!


As a wedding planner I love what I do, I love to be a part of such an important day. I love to take on the burdens of the wedding so the bride can be the radiant, peaceful bride and with no need to worry about a thing! I hold my job very seriously, because to me its not just a job…it’s so much more. I am who my client, the bride, is counting on and depending upon to deliver all that she has envisioned and dreamed for her wedding, and it should be perfect. To me, the profit I make from a wedding is nothing compared to the blessing I receive from knowing that a wedding went off perfectly and that the bride is one happy chic!

I believe that every little thing about us tells a story of who we are…all our likes and dis-likes, all our strengths and weaknesses, and all our normality and weirdness. Our stories are always developing but here are some fun facts to help you gather what mine may be!

Things I love…

Cozy rainy days, Dark nights in Winter and light nights in Summer, Romantic Homes and Wedding Magazines, Carmel lattes, Lots of windows, Roses, My Grandmother’s Banana Bread, Christmas Movies, Organizing, and so many other things I know I’m forgetting at the moment! And need I even mention Pinterest? 🙂 Seriously though, so much inspiration and bright ideas gathered to one spot, who doesn’t love it?!!

My favorite pastime is 9pm Summer drives with ice cream!

My dream house is a Victorian Southern home….in Alaska!

CHRISTMAS….I love Christmas, call me cheesy or crazy but I could have it all year long!

Spontaneity is hard for me…I enjoy it at times, especially in Summer, but usually enjoy sticking to my routine and schedule. I spend a lot of my “off-time” brainstorming ideas for events, making lists, organizing my life on paper (and for reals). I like the challenge of finding a solution to a challenging project.

When I’m feeling a little blue, a peppermint mocha is very comforting to me.

I enjoy listening to sweet love songs that make me happy ❤

I don’t care for cheese nor cauliflower. I’m not a scary movie person. I don’t read books often, just not a favorite pastime.

I grew up with 6 sisters, you might imagine that weddings were an often conversation, and you’d be right! We planned each of our weddings countless times over the years. Besides these frequent conversations, I spent a lot of my time browsing wedding blogs and flipping through bridal magazines, I guess you might say I’ve just always been drawn to weddings. As a little girl I was very shy and got used to doing the behind-the-scenes things, as I got older I out-grew most of that but working behind-the-scenes is still what I prefer. Not as a hiding place, I just feel I am able to work more confidently and wholly that way. I think that is why planning things came so easy to me, I was never the party-goer, I was the one who enjoyed before and after the party. The before and after responsibilities that went into them, the problem solver when no one was watching. It’s a big responsibility as someone has to do it, and I love being able to be that person for someone…particularly a bride on her most important and special day!

I believe being a responsible, diligent, and self-sacrificing individual in business is so important, and I can fully promise to give no less to those who I am working with.


Now let’s talk about…you!!

Hey girl!

You getting married? When’s your big day? Are you looking for a wedding planner or day-of coordinator? Are you just getting going and need to simply talk with someone who’s done weddings before and find out what’s all involved?

Honey, stress no longer…I’d love to talk with you and get to know you! Send me an email and let’s have coffee, shall we? 🙂




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