Stop & smell the Roses

My dear friend, you are a beautiful bride and I trust you’ll make a wonderful wife.

Theres just one thing, and if you’ll allow me, I’d like to share a little phrase with you. To some, it may seem silly perhaps even unnecessary but I’d say its very necessary!

The little phrase my friend is as follows…

“Stop and smell the Roses”

These words have been spoken & written countless times but when we take into account all of today’s comings and goings its hard to know if we truly mean them. Let me assure you, I do!


When you find yourself engulfed in all of life’s responsibilities, tasks and social obligations remember that life is but a passing.


It is the large, as well as the small things in life that make life worth while. So, do take a small moment each day to enjoy those small things and to…

“Stop & smell the Roses”


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