Real life-Willow Fire

I know as a professional business owner, I am really “supposed” to stick to business. The things people want to read and hear about, the things that will matter to my clientele. Being in the wedding business, for me that means mostly love and romance…anything involving engagements, weddings, marriage, love and relationships altogether. I love to talk about those things, they’re beautiful and real, but life areas of being real.

Tonight we’re witnessing a very real tragedy right outside our doors, in the form of a wildfire that is burning acres upon acres of land. I’ve watched the stats of this fire grow all afternoon, into the evening and now as I sit here late at night, there still seems to be no relief. This fire is taking homes, livestock, and as I mentioned, acres of land.

willow fire

Please join me in prayer for all involved in this fire that is now being called “The Sockeye Fire”. As we watch Willow and on into Houston get gulfed into flames across 6,500 acres, please lift a prayer for the emergency responders, as well as the families of those responders…I know some personally who are asking for our prayers.  There are many, many homes that have been evacuated and families that are moving themselves and livestock out of danger and are worried sick about their homes. My own sister and her family are a part of the other many that have packed and just awaiting the call to evacuate.

Our community is coming together to offer whatever kind of support and help we can. Let’s remember that the greatest power we possess is to pray for an end to this fire…I’m hoping for a mighty and unexpected down-pour of rain tonight!


This may not be the norm of posts I’ll make, but life is real and it doesn’t get more real then lifting a hand and a prayer for your neighbor!

God bless, and I hope to be back in the morning with a positive update!


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