Difference Between Planners & Coordinators

“Planners” & “Coordinators”

These two titles are mentioned so often in the wedding and event planning industry that if you don’t have a good understanding of the differences, it could be confusing.

Essentially both planners and coordinators are WEDDING PLANNERS. That is the actual professional title, the planning and coordinating aspect are merely in place to describe the services offered.

Before I continue, I want to just say that whether you are hiring a wedding planner to be your planner or coordinator, you are still part of the planning process. It’s your wedding, your vision and your day, you should be involved whether that’s largely or partially!

Here is a little breakdown of the services included in a “planner’s” & “coordinator’s” role…

Planner:: Is the person who makes the critical decisions involved in your wedding, the what, when, who and how!

Coordinator:: Is responsible for making sure all those decisions are executed on day-of.

Planner & Coordinator:: Both planners and coordinators are focused, organized and resourceful!

**The planner is focused on planning your wedding…no matter how many or what other events she may be planning, *yours* is truly important to her. The planner is organized, and the more organized she is the better…she keeps all your wedding details in an organized file to save time, and confusion. Last but not least, the planner is resourceful…this especially comes into play with the budget when planning.

**The coordinator is focused on your wedding…because during set-up, rehearsal, through-out the day, with all the details…your wedding is truly what she’s focusing all her attention on for the day. The coordinator is organized and again, the more organized the better! She needs to be organized on the wedding day so that things can go smoothly and stay on-time. Being resourceful pretty much comes within the title of ‘coordinator’, any last minute bugs, no-show vendors, emergencies, etc. all force her to use her resources, creativity and pull from what she has!

Planner:: A planner is the one who does all the before-wedding duties and organization. Dealing with the vendors, bride and wedding vision for months and creating a perfect design.

Coordinator:: A coordinator is responsible for executing the details, logistics, and solving day-of problems.

Planner & Coordinator:: You can’t have one without the other!

Even if you hired a wedding planner for the “day-of coordination” services, you are still the planner that does the before-wedding work and it’s the coordinator’s responsibility to execute your plans. Imagine having all the plans but no one on site to execute them, or not having any plans in store and hiring a wedding coordinator to “put it together” which simply can’t be planned in 3 hours. When hiring a large company as your wedding planner, there may be two people that end up doing your wedding…the planner and the coordinator. You’ll also find that a wedding planner won’t offer her wedding planning services without the coordination on the day, however if you hire her as day-of coordinator…that does exclude the detail planning and designing of your wedding.

When you hire Treasure Forever Weddings, I am the planner and coordinator in one, with the exception that I may have staff on hand day-of.

Planner & Coordinator:: Both have the same goal and that is to make sure you (the bride) is happy and that your wedding is what you’ve envisioned and beyond!

A tip when hiring a wedding planner or coordinator::

These are the general outlines of what the responsibilities are of each, however, services included in packages vary from company to company. It is very important to read through contracts, ask any questions you may have prior to signing and to make sure you understand all that is covered and not covered with the services.

Best of luck to you! ❤



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