Why Should I Hire a Day-Of Coordinator?


“””Why should I hire a day-of coordinator??””

excellent question…

I am so glad to have some answers for you that will hopefully help you make the right decision regarding hiring a day-of coordinator. Here’s a little secret about a “day-of” coordinator…no matter who you hire, there’s no wedding/event planning business that offers only the one day service, the one day coordinating thing isn’t really out there. A day-of coordinator usually begins 3-6 weeks before the wedding working with the client and drawing up a map, if you will, of the wedding weekend. Day-of coordination is rather, coordination for the wedding day!

Often times, when you are looking for a day-of coordinator it means you have planned your wedding and now need someone to come in and execute your vision and all your hard work, keep your day free of any disasters, and make your wedding run as perfect as a dream! Let me assure you of some good news, that can happen!!

“The Cost?” you may ask…

You will find that the cost varies from business to business, it depends on who you choose and what location you’re looking in. Locally day-of coordination costs between $1000-$2500. My day-of coordination package, which includes everything listed in this post (and probably more I haven’t mentioned!) is priced at $700.00!! This is to ensure that your day is that huge reward of all the work of planning that you’ve put into it, and so you are able to be the gracious, happy hosts at your wedding.

“But what does a day-of coordinator DO?” well, my visionary inquirer, you ask some mighty good questions!

A day-of coordinator actually does so much! Remember when I said things don’t really only happen on the day-of? Yeah, lets take it back a few weeks…lets say 4. If you came to me 4 weeks before your wedding interested in my services, I’d set up a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss your wedding and details. Once a contract is signed within the next few days, I get to work! I’ll go over all your wedding planning to familiarize myself with your wedding. I will create a detailed timeline for your wedding, get a final head-count to your caterer, run the wedding rehearsal the day before your wedding, along with making other lists and things but you get the idea there!

Now we’ve come to your wedding day, wait….congratulations, you’re getting married!!! Ok, so my duties of the day first and foremost include keeping disasters from coming your way and if they do happen to sneak past me, I take care of them so no one will be any the wiser! I will coordinate all the vendors you are using, making sure everyone has shown up (on time!), are doing their part and that all is running smoothly. I will run through your wedding venue checking to be sure all large and small details are just as they should be. I will be with you my dear as you and your lovely ladies are getting dressed, assisting and making sure you stay calm! I will guide the bridal party through the processional and recessional, as well as guiding your timeline by cueing all wedding professionals. You can rest assured that I will be in the background the entire day, making sure that everything is flowing perfectly and that you and all your guests are having a fabulous day!!

“Have you handled a disaster as a day-of coordinator?” funny you should ask, there have indeed been a few! Here’s the story of one…

“”Once upon a time there was a beautiful young maiden who was about to marry the man of her dreams! She had been through the wedding rehearsal and long set up day, and now she just couldn’t wait to be married and have her handsome man change her last name! On her wedding day she arrived at the church excited and anxious for the wedding, only to find that her flowers had been delivered a different color then she had chosen. Shocked with the mistake of it, she asked her day-of coordinator what she could possibly do to save her wedding. Well, this wedding coordinator got out her handy little IPhone and started making phone calls as soon as someone mentioned floral spray paint! Finally she was able to have the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets sent to a local wedding florist to get changed out. But what could she do with the large ceremony arrangements?! Aw yes, the floral paint! It was purchased and brought to the location. It was almost time for guests to start arriving, close family was already showing up, but guess who was around the corner of that church saving that beautiful bride’s day? I imagine you guessed the same as I, the day-of coordinator…kneeling there on the ground spray painting the flowers. Once all the flowers were the lovely color they were ordered and were placed back in the church, the guests started arriving and all was right! The bride was so happy with her flowers and pleased that her day was as beautiful as the summer day outside thanks to her coordinator……””

…ok, so yes it was me!! Hannah with Treasure Forever Weddings to the rescue!


So my dear friend, how can I help you and save you some stress on your wedding day? ❤

Contact me at hannah.treasureforeverweddings@gmail.com or call/text me at 907-982-819


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