Having Kids at your Wedding

Do you have that adorable niece or nephew, brother or sister or even a best friend’s kid that you want to be part of your wedding party? Looking for answers on what to do when it comes time to include them in the wedding? I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you with those little ones 😉


The sweet pictures you can come away with are truly priceless but there is a lot that goes into getting those poor kids into picture-perfect mode! First off, make no last minute decisions about having a child in your wedding. Asking the children (or rather parents) to play a part in your wedding should happen with plenty of time for the child and parent to prepare!!

Before the wedding day arrives, practice with the kids…then practice some more, and then some more!! Make sure you’re not changing you plans on them as they’ll be too confused when your day arrives, they won’t know what to do. Also, try to get the dresses/suits as early as possible and begin dress rehearsals well before the wedding day. Just like the adult gals, you’ll want the kids to break their shoes in. If they’re going for the first time in their dresses and shoes at the wedding, there’s more chance of miss-haps. Besides, what little girl doesn’t like to play “dress-up”? 🙂

dress up

There are many roles in which a child can take part in a wedding party, the trouble is which one to choose! Of course there’s the traditional roles of flower girl and ring bearer but there are others as well. Did you know you could have more then one flower girl? Or a child (boy or girl) as a sign-carrier? These are always so cute and you have so much room to be creative with signs! What about adding a cute wagon or “fairy-tale carriage” for younger kids to ride in? This will help make sure they make it all the way down the aisle without fear of tripping or running to mommy 😉 You could keep their attention by giving them something to toss as they ride along, consider petals, confetti, or even having them blow bubbles…again, you just have to let your creativity come out! Always remember to check your wedding venue to see what is allowed, bubble blowing is usually left best for outdoor ceremonies!

sign carrier

Something I certainly recommend is not having a child stand up front during the ceremony. They won’t last long up there and will end up causing too much distraction during those most important moments of your wedding. It’s best to have assigned seats and to have them sit after they make their way down the aisle. There are several good ideas on how to keep them content and still during this time. One of my personal favorites is a wedding-themed coloring book (with washable markers incase of miss-haps), this will entertain them while keeping their minds on weddings!!

kids coloring book

Try to work it out with your photographer and parents of the children to get as many pictures with the children in them done before the ceremony as possible. Its hard to get young children’s attention back under the camera flashes after the ceremony. It can be done however, and if all else fails…promise them a candy bar 😉

Another huge aspect of your wedding day to remember the kids is at your reception. No doubt this is the more relaxed time and children are back under the parent’s watchful eyes. However, making a plan to keep kids entertained and out of trouble at your reception is always a good idea! You can create a fun and inviting kids table for all guest’s kids to eat at, you can even have your caterer serve them some more kid-friendly foods which can help save you costs as well. Not only will the kids love the table but their parents will be impressed and enjoy a meal with grown-ups! For outdoor receptions, an idea I love is having kid-friendly games out to play. One of my favorite ideas is a giant tic-tac-toe game, I’m not really sure why, maybe because I can see myself getting caught playing? 🙂

giant outdoor games

One last piece of advice and I’ll leave you alone on the subject of having kids at your wedding!

Don’t stress over it, it is a beautiful thing and you won’t regret having the kids involved. Never expect the children to perform perfectly, guests always find kids so enjoyable at weddings no matter what little mistakes they may make!! Just have fun with it 🙂



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