5 Money-Saving tips for your Reception

Brides are always trying to find ways to save money on their weddings, and if not done tastefully it can end up quite sad, unfortunately! Here are 5 simple changes you can make to your reception plans to help you save money!

1. Have A Lunch Reception

sandwich bar

I love this beautiful sandwich buffet spread, it is a lovely and affordable meal. This will leave your guests well impressed with the arrangement and satisfied with a yummy lunch!! You could also have a sit down served lunch but again, to save costs buffets work great and are perfect for lunch. Lunch buffets can range from a simple but delicious salad bar for summer weddings, soups and breads for winter and fall weddings, to a finger-food buffet perfect for any time of year! If you’re wanting to have lunch served rather than a dinner at your wedding, consider having your ceremony at 11:00, followed with a relaxed lunch.

2. Use the favors in the table decorations

flower favors

It will help you save costs to utilize your favors with tying them in the table decorations. There are so many different ideas for wedding favors that can make your tables unique and help the clean-up process once the guests take their favors! Here is a picture of little jars with just a few flowers in them each. Jars and vases like this can be collected inexpensively and gathered to the center of the table make a beautiful centerpiece. They’d also work if you have long rectangular tables by placing them down the center of the table. To add another unique and personalized touch to these flower favors you can tie a little tag to them with your names and wedding date!

3. Hang Christmas lights at your reception


Adding Christmas white lights to your wedding reception decorations can add so much for so little. You can buy white lights around and after Christmas for very inexpensively and hold onto them! A little dimmed lights, a few candles glowing and beautiful white lights shining, make the perfect romantic and intimate reception ambience for any time of year.

4. Ask a friend to sing or play


To save costs from hiring a band to play at your wedding reception, think of asking a talented friend to sing your special song or play an instrument during your first dance. This is again something that can save you a big bill and will add a special, personalized touch at your reception. Having soft music (I’m a sucker for piano) playing during the meal is always an enjoyable experience!

5. Serve cupcakes in place of cake


Ordering several wedding cakes, even sheet cakes, can get pretty expensive fast. Consider talking to your baker about serving cupcakes instead of sliced cake, it may be able to save you a nice penny in the end. There is a lot of inspiration for wedding cupcakes on pinterest for you to gather ideas from!


Well there you have it, my 5 money-saving tips for your reception. They may not all be able to fit into your wedding day, but even making one or two of them fit into your day could save you a good amount of money.

Be watching on my facebook page for my follow-up post on another 5 ways to save money on your wedding!


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