10 Things You May Be Forgetting

I shared on my facebook page a couple weeks back, a list of things busy brides may be over-looking on their to-do lists. This goes especially for the do-it-yourself brides, and the brides planning their own weddings. There are simply so many things to keep track of and try to remember during the engagement to wedding time, there’s bound to be a few things forgotten but here’s a list of things you’ll want to make sure wont be over-looked in your planning process!

10 things you may be forgetting::

Perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of having a wedding planning or day-of coordinator is having that trusty emergency bag along! But you can put together your own if you’ve chosen not to have a planner but be sure to get everything, even if you doubt you’ll use it…that may be the one item to save your wedding!
Don’t forget to talk with your caterer about meals for your vendors! These are the people making your day so beautiful and deserve a meal. Make sure you have a proper count (you don’t want to over look the photographer’s assistant!) and also check with your vendors about any allergies.
No family likes to be left with the stress of figuring out which vehicle will be taking the gifts and where they are to go. Make sure you assign someone before your wedding day comes around to take your gifts from your reception and have a planned location for where they’ll go. This is also important for all your other wedding items, such as the guest book, the cake cutter, the toasting flutes, etc! You certainly don’t want those things getting miss-placed 😉
This is perhaps the group of your most important friends, and they’ve agreed to standing beside you as you commit to a new journey in life…be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them 🙂
Ok, so you might be too excited or nervous to think about eating, but don’t let those butterflies confuse you, you’ll need to eat! If you’re having an early afternoon wedding then schedule something for breakfast for everyone, even if its as simple as putting some yogurts, fruits and pastries in the dressing rooms! If you’re having an evening wedding, why not order some pizzas for lunch in the afternoon? Be sure to eat and keep your strength up!!
Let’s face it, do you really want your phone running out of batteries? Or your maid-of-honor’s phone to die and loose her toasting speech (be sure she has it on paper as well anyways:)? Make sure to bring chargers for your phones, Ipods, etc. You’ll thank me later 😉
I know, who would forget that? Believe it or not, it does happen. Certainly don’t want to forget those papers that make everything legal and “official”
You survived the wedding and had a wonderful honeymoon, everything should be off your list shouldn’t it? Almost, but not quite 😉 You don’t want to forget those sweet guests that gave you gifts, but also don’t forget your parents, wedding party, and anyone else who help you out significantly through your wedding planning! Set a little time aside each day for a while to help eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed!
Wedding vendors love that you take the time to write a sweet review on their pages! Be sure to take a few moments to reflect on your wedding (not that that will be hard) and think of how each vendor helped to make it so memorable and then go brag on them a little 🙂                              10. FORGET THE LITTLE THINGS.
I may be one of the only wedding planners ever to post that, but it’s true. You’ve done everything you hopefully knew to do but now its your wedding day and time to just breathe, relax, and enjoy your day…and of course, to get married!! You’ll be one of the only ones to notice if that bouquet ended up with one extra rose then the rest, or if the aisle runner goes to the left a little, everyone will be focused on you and your marriage…surely you can too!!
And as a side note, if you want to make sure those things stay perfect, consider hiring a wedding day-of coordinator, that’s what we’re here for. 😉

Good luck and blessings to your wedding adventures!!


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