Behind The Name

Behind the name, Treasure Forever Weddings.

When I decided to go ahead and start a business about 3 years back, it was really just that…a business. I had calculations of how much I could eventually be making, what I *needed* to do to get there, etc. Then I started brainstorming ideas for names, using any word I could think of that could be creatively used in a wedding related business. I even was stuck on the whole thing that may name had to start with one of the first letters of the alphabet so it would have more chance to be seen and listed on things first. But even with some of the names I had come up with that were available, nothing was really sitting with me right…there just wasn’t “the one” yet.

As I began to talk to more and more people about beginning my business, I found myself explaining how I feel marriage is a life-long commitment and something that should be treasured. Then it came to me…I had to have the word “treasure” in my business name. And the more I thought of it, the more I wanted my weddings to not be so much of a production but more of a reflection of my brides and their marriage commitments. I wanted my weddings to be treasured forever as well as their marriage. And there you have it…”treasure”, “weddings” and “forever”. Eventual they found the right order and I became Treasure Forever Weddings!

My focus has changed so much since the beginning of all this. You see, when I found my business name it was as if it can wrapped in a big box with a bow and all! Everything just kind of came into view for me, my passion arrived, my objective changed and a new business bloomed! I no longer saw it as things I *needed* to do, but things I *got* to do, pouring time and love into my new business!!

Now Treasure Forever Weddings is my baby. I love the name, I love the meaning behind the name, I love the journey it’s taken so far, and I love the One who has guided it this far!


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