Beginnings of a new beginning…

As I sit here to write my first post on my business blog, I can’t help but just stare at the screen a little as a million questions rush through my mind. In all truth, I’ve been pondering them all for some time now. “What will my goal be with this blog?” “What if people don’t actually read it, and I’m just wasting my time?” “What happens if I loose my inspiration and hit a posting-block?” “What type of blog am I really aiming to have?” And then there’s even more, but you get the idea 😉

Truth be told, that though these are all honest questions and ones I probably should be asking. I’ve created a simple answered outline but there’s a lot of answers that will just have to be filled in as we go! My goal for this blog goes hand in hand with the question of what type of blog I want to have. I’ve followed one gal’s blog now for years, she is a shop owner, book author, blogger, mommy, wife and Christian. I have always marveled at how well she manages to fit all that into her blogging personality! I feel like I know her so well after following her life the last 4+ years through her blog. And although the wife, mommy and certainly book author titles I don’t hold right now, there are many other aspects of my life that I hope to include in my blogging journey with you if you’ll have me 😉 And maybe over time you can say you feel like you really know me from just reading my blog!

Here is where my heart lies…in the hands of Christ. I am a Christian and pray to never be shy of that fact, the Lord is my stronghold! My heart also holds a special place for 11 very special people, soon to be 13 this Summer! Those dear people would be my family: My late father, who passed away on August 2nd 2014. My Mother, six sisters, brother Hudson and brother-in-laws Daniel and Christopher. And of course, the best for last, my nephews! Nathan (2) and Justice (1), they make me one proud Auntie and I can’t wait to welcome two more sweet blessings in June and September!!

Then comes the things I love…first, is where I consider my childhood roots and the town that holds so many precious memories, Palmer Alaska!! I am so blessed to be in this beautiful state of Alaska and honestly know no other place I’d rather be. Second, is my business. Though it is young and I am pouring all I can into it right now, I love it and it’s already a dream come true to be this far! I am so excited for whatever is in store for me in this and can’t wait to bless others with my gifts and time! Thirdly, is my current part-time jobs 😉 One, working for my family’s business Gladheart Acres, making soaps, lotions and other bath bliss. I have grown up in this business and it has taught me so many things. I also love working at The Boardwalk Shop in Wasilla, I feel like I’ve almost done this all my life too! I love the happy (most of the time:)) customers and wonderful opportunities both businesses bring!

My passion in my business is enormous and yet rather simple! The thing I am really focused on, is making my clients happy with themselves, my services and ultimately with their wedding! I have great dreams and goals for my business and will work and pray hard to achieve them. I also see the importance of small businesses and have made countless connections with wedding vendors that own small businesses but aren’t on every local magazine or website page. I try to work with these vendors as much as possible, because, well most are just as equal as the big names in quality services! There is so much more I could keep writing about my business, but I’m thinking there’ll be other blog posts to pick things up from 😉

I think I shall call to close this beginning of a new beginning, and say ‘until next time’! I am excited and a tad bit nervous. But I am looking forward to seeing what the new beginning of Treasure Forever Wedding’s blog will bring us!!


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