Beautiful Alaska

   We live in such a beautiful, breath taking place! It’s no wonder people put Alaska on their travel bucket lists, nor that brides want to get married here…can you blame them?

                      ak1                ak101

It is such a blessing to live here amidst the mountains and lakes, rivers and wildlife!


What have you been doing to soak up all the beautiful sunshine we’ve been getting? I’ve been enjoying drives around Alaska with my family when we can!


Thank you, Lord for just gorgeous cenery you’ve created!!


Why Should I Hire a Day-Of Coordinator?


“””Why should I hire a day-of coordinator??””

excellent question…

I am so glad to have some answers for you that will hopefully help you make the right decision regarding hiring a day-of coordinator. Here’s a little secret about a “day-of” coordinator…no matter who you hire, there’s no wedding/event planning business that offers only the one day service, the one day coordinating thing isn’t really out there. A day-of coordinator usually begins 3-6 weeks before the wedding working with the client and drawing up a map, if you will, of the wedding weekend. Day-of coordination is rather, coordination for the wedding day!

Often times, when you are looking for a day-of coordinator it means you have planned your wedding and now need someone to come in and execute your vision and all your hard work, keep your day free of any disasters, and make your wedding run as perfect as a dream! Let me assure you of some good news, that can happen!!

“The Cost?” you may ask…

You will find that the cost varies from business to business, it depends on who you choose and what location you’re looking in. Locally day-of coordination costs between $1000-$2500. My day-of coordination package, which includes everything listed in this post (and probably more I haven’t mentioned!) is priced at $700.00!! This is to ensure that your day is that huge reward of all the work of planning that you’ve put into it, and so you are able to be the gracious, happy hosts at your wedding.

“But what does a day-of coordinator DO?” well, my visionary inquirer, you ask some mighty good questions!

A day-of coordinator actually does so much! Remember when I said things don’t really only happen on the day-of? Yeah, lets take it back a few weeks…lets say 4. If you came to me 4 weeks before your wedding interested in my services, I’d set up a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss your wedding and details. Once a contract is signed within the next few days, I get to work! I’ll go over all your wedding planning to familiarize myself with your wedding. I will create a detailed timeline for your wedding, get a final head-count to your caterer, run the wedding rehearsal the day before your wedding, along with making other lists and things but you get the idea there!

Now we’ve come to your wedding day, wait….congratulations, you’re getting married!!! Ok, so my duties of the day first and foremost include keeping disasters from coming your way and if they do happen to sneak past me, I take care of them so no one will be any the wiser! I will coordinate all the vendors you are using, making sure everyone has shown up (on time!), are doing their part and that all is running smoothly. I will run through your wedding venue checking to be sure all large and small details are just as they should be. I will be with you my dear as you and your lovely ladies are getting dressed, assisting and making sure you stay calm! I will guide the bridal party through the processional and recessional, as well as guiding your timeline by cueing all wedding professionals. You can rest assured that I will be in the background the entire day, making sure that everything is flowing perfectly and that you and all your guests are having a fabulous day!!

“Have you handled a disaster as a day-of coordinator?” funny you should ask, there have indeed been a few! Here’s the story of one…

“”Once upon a time there was a beautiful young maiden who was about to marry the man of her dreams! She had been through the wedding rehearsal and long set up day, and now she just couldn’t wait to be married and have her handsome man change her last name! On her wedding day she arrived at the church excited and anxious for the wedding, only to find that her flowers had been delivered a different color then she had chosen. Shocked with the mistake of it, she asked her day-of coordinator what she could possibly do to save her wedding. Well, this wedding coordinator got out her handy little IPhone and started making phone calls as soon as someone mentioned floral spray paint! Finally she was able to have the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets sent to a local wedding florist to get changed out. But what could she do with the large ceremony arrangements?! Aw yes, the floral paint! It was purchased and brought to the location. It was almost time for guests to start arriving, close family was already showing up, but guess who was around the corner of that church saving that beautiful bride’s day? I imagine you guessed the same as I, the day-of coordinator…kneeling there on the ground spray painting the flowers. Once all the flowers were the lovely color they were ordered and were placed back in the church, the guests started arriving and all was right! The bride was so happy with her flowers and pleased that her day was as beautiful as the summer day outside thanks to her coordinator……””

…ok, so yes it was me!! Hannah with Treasure Forever Weddings to the rescue!


So my dear friend, how can I help you and save you some stress on your wedding day? ❤

Contact me at or call/text me at 907-982-819

5 Money-Saving tips for your Reception

Brides are always trying to find ways to save money on their weddings, and if not done tastefully it can end up quite sad, unfortunately! Here are 5 simple changes you can make to your reception plans to help you save money!

1. Have A Lunch Reception

sandwich bar

I love this beautiful sandwich buffet spread, it is a lovely and affordable meal. This will leave your guests well impressed with the arrangement and satisfied with a yummy lunch!! You could also have a sit down served lunch but again, to save costs buffets work great and are perfect for lunch. Lunch buffets can range from a simple but delicious salad bar for summer weddings, soups and breads for winter and fall weddings, to a finger-food buffet perfect for any time of year! If you’re wanting to have lunch served rather than a dinner at your wedding, consider having your ceremony at 11:00, followed with a relaxed lunch.

2. Use the favors in the table decorations

flower favors

It will help you save costs to utilize your favors with tying them in the table decorations. There are so many different ideas for wedding favors that can make your tables unique and help the clean-up process once the guests take their favors! Here is a picture of little jars with just a few flowers in them each. Jars and vases like this can be collected inexpensively and gathered to the center of the table make a beautiful centerpiece. They’d also work if you have long rectangular tables by placing them down the center of the table. To add another unique and personalized touch to these flower favors you can tie a little tag to them with your names and wedding date!

3. Hang Christmas lights at your reception


Adding Christmas white lights to your wedding reception decorations can add so much for so little. You can buy white lights around and after Christmas for very inexpensively and hold onto them! A little dimmed lights, a few candles glowing and beautiful white lights shining, make the perfect romantic and intimate reception ambience for any time of year.

4. Ask a friend to sing or play


To save costs from hiring a band to play at your wedding reception, think of asking a talented friend to sing your special song or play an instrument during your first dance. This is again something that can save you a big bill and will add a special, personalized touch at your reception. Having soft music (I’m a sucker for piano) playing during the meal is always an enjoyable experience!

5. Serve cupcakes in place of cake


Ordering several wedding cakes, even sheet cakes, can get pretty expensive fast. Consider talking to your baker about serving cupcakes instead of sliced cake, it may be able to save you a nice penny in the end. There is a lot of inspiration for wedding cupcakes on pinterest for you to gather ideas from!


Well there you have it, my 5 money-saving tips for your reception. They may not all be able to fit into your wedding day, but even making one or two of them fit into your day could save you a good amount of money.

Be watching on my facebook page for my follow-up post on another 5 ways to save money on your wedding!

Having Kids at your Wedding

Do you have that adorable niece or nephew, brother or sister or even a best friend’s kid that you want to be part of your wedding party? Looking for answers on what to do when it comes time to include them in the wedding? I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you with those little ones 😉


The sweet pictures you can come away with are truly priceless but there is a lot that goes into getting those poor kids into picture-perfect mode! First off, make no last minute decisions about having a child in your wedding. Asking the children (or rather parents) to play a part in your wedding should happen with plenty of time for the child and parent to prepare!!

Before the wedding day arrives, practice with the kids…then practice some more, and then some more!! Make sure you’re not changing you plans on them as they’ll be too confused when your day arrives, they won’t know what to do. Also, try to get the dresses/suits as early as possible and begin dress rehearsals well before the wedding day. Just like the adult gals, you’ll want the kids to break their shoes in. If they’re going for the first time in their dresses and shoes at the wedding, there’s more chance of miss-haps. Besides, what little girl doesn’t like to play “dress-up”? 🙂

dress up

There are many roles in which a child can take part in a wedding party, the trouble is which one to choose! Of course there’s the traditional roles of flower girl and ring bearer but there are others as well. Did you know you could have more then one flower girl? Or a child (boy or girl) as a sign-carrier? These are always so cute and you have so much room to be creative with signs! What about adding a cute wagon or “fairy-tale carriage” for younger kids to ride in? This will help make sure they make it all the way down the aisle without fear of tripping or running to mommy 😉 You could keep their attention by giving them something to toss as they ride along, consider petals, confetti, or even having them blow bubbles…again, you just have to let your creativity come out! Always remember to check your wedding venue to see what is allowed, bubble blowing is usually left best for outdoor ceremonies!

sign carrier

Something I certainly recommend is not having a child stand up front during the ceremony. They won’t last long up there and will end up causing too much distraction during those most important moments of your wedding. It’s best to have assigned seats and to have them sit after they make their way down the aisle. There are several good ideas on how to keep them content and still during this time. One of my personal favorites is a wedding-themed coloring book (with washable markers incase of miss-haps), this will entertain them while keeping their minds on weddings!!

kids coloring book

Try to work it out with your photographer and parents of the children to get as many pictures with the children in them done before the ceremony as possible. Its hard to get young children’s attention back under the camera flashes after the ceremony. It can be done however, and if all else fails…promise them a candy bar 😉

Another huge aspect of your wedding day to remember the kids is at your reception. No doubt this is the more relaxed time and children are back under the parent’s watchful eyes. However, making a plan to keep kids entertained and out of trouble at your reception is always a good idea! You can create a fun and inviting kids table for all guest’s kids to eat at, you can even have your caterer serve them some more kid-friendly foods which can help save you costs as well. Not only will the kids love the table but their parents will be impressed and enjoy a meal with grown-ups! For outdoor receptions, an idea I love is having kid-friendly games out to play. One of my favorite ideas is a giant tic-tac-toe game, I’m not really sure why, maybe because I can see myself getting caught playing? 🙂

giant outdoor games

One last piece of advice and I’ll leave you alone on the subject of having kids at your wedding!

Don’t stress over it, it is a beautiful thing and you won’t regret having the kids involved. Never expect the children to perform perfectly, guests always find kids so enjoyable at weddings no matter what little mistakes they may make!! Just have fun with it 🙂



So often Saturdays mean calm, relaxing mornings to sleep in and sip the coffee! Yep, sounds like a pretty typical Saturday morning to most!

Being in the wedding and event business however has shown me that this isn’t always the case! Often on event weekends it means late Friday nights and early Saturday mornings. Running about, texting, making reminder calls, driving to the venue, fixing last minute things, and coordinating people and things on the big day that has finally arrived!

Oh wait…of course you must always fit the Saturday cup of coffee in!! How could a day like that go without it? 😉

So even though not all weeks include a lazy Saturday morning, I wouldn’t trade the crazy Saturday mornings for anything!!



No matter if I’m sipping a cup of coffee at home after 9am or on the road at 6am-Saturday mornings are always good ❤ Have a happy Saturday!!

10 Things You May Be Forgetting

I shared on my facebook page a couple weeks back, a list of things busy brides may be over-looking on their to-do lists. This goes especially for the do-it-yourself brides, and the brides planning their own weddings. There are simply so many things to keep track of and try to remember during the engagement to wedding time, there’s bound to be a few things forgotten but here’s a list of things you’ll want to make sure wont be over-looked in your planning process!

10 things you may be forgetting::

Perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of having a wedding planning or day-of coordinator is having that trusty emergency bag along! But you can put together your own if you’ve chosen not to have a planner but be sure to get everything, even if you doubt you’ll use it…that may be the one item to save your wedding!
Don’t forget to talk with your caterer about meals for your vendors! These are the people making your day so beautiful and deserve a meal. Make sure you have a proper count (you don’t want to over look the photographer’s assistant!) and also check with your vendors about any allergies.
No family likes to be left with the stress of figuring out which vehicle will be taking the gifts and where they are to go. Make sure you assign someone before your wedding day comes around to take your gifts from your reception and have a planned location for where they’ll go. This is also important for all your other wedding items, such as the guest book, the cake cutter, the toasting flutes, etc! You certainly don’t want those things getting miss-placed 😉
This is perhaps the group of your most important friends, and they’ve agreed to standing beside you as you commit to a new journey in life…be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them 🙂
Ok, so you might be too excited or nervous to think about eating, but don’t let those butterflies confuse you, you’ll need to eat! If you’re having an early afternoon wedding then schedule something for breakfast for everyone, even if its as simple as putting some yogurts, fruits and pastries in the dressing rooms! If you’re having an evening wedding, why not order some pizzas for lunch in the afternoon? Be sure to eat and keep your strength up!!
Let’s face it, do you really want your phone running out of batteries? Or your maid-of-honor’s phone to die and loose her toasting speech (be sure she has it on paper as well anyways:)? Make sure to bring chargers for your phones, Ipods, etc. You’ll thank me later 😉
I know, who would forget that? Believe it or not, it does happen. Certainly don’t want to forget those papers that make everything legal and “official”
You survived the wedding and had a wonderful honeymoon, everything should be off your list shouldn’t it? Almost, but not quite 😉 You don’t want to forget those sweet guests that gave you gifts, but also don’t forget your parents, wedding party, and anyone else who help you out significantly through your wedding planning! Set a little time aside each day for a while to help eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed!
Wedding vendors love that you take the time to write a sweet review on their pages! Be sure to take a few moments to reflect on your wedding (not that that will be hard) and think of how each vendor helped to make it so memorable and then go brag on them a little 🙂                              10. FORGET THE LITTLE THINGS.
I may be one of the only wedding planners ever to post that, but it’s true. You’ve done everything you hopefully knew to do but now its your wedding day and time to just breathe, relax, and enjoy your day…and of course, to get married!! You’ll be one of the only ones to notice if that bouquet ended up with one extra rose then the rest, or if the aisle runner goes to the left a little, everyone will be focused on you and your marriage…surely you can too!!
And as a side note, if you want to make sure those things stay perfect, consider hiring a wedding day-of coordinator, that’s what we’re here for. 😉

Good luck and blessings to your wedding adventures!!

Behind The Name

Behind the name, Treasure Forever Weddings.

When I decided to go ahead and start a business about 3 years back, it was really just that…a business. I had calculations of how much I could eventually be making, what I *needed* to do to get there, etc. Then I started brainstorming ideas for names, using any word I could think of that could be creatively used in a wedding related business. I even was stuck on the whole thing that may name had to start with one of the first letters of the alphabet so it would have more chance to be seen and listed on things first. But even with some of the names I had come up with that were available, nothing was really sitting with me right…there just wasn’t “the one” yet.

As I began to talk to more and more people about beginning my business, I found myself explaining how I feel marriage is a life-long commitment and something that should be treasured. Then it came to me…I had to have the word “treasure” in my business name. And the more I thought of it, the more I wanted my weddings to not be so much of a production but more of a reflection of my brides and their marriage commitments. I wanted my weddings to be treasured forever as well as their marriage. And there you have it…”treasure”, “weddings” and “forever”. Eventual they found the right order and I became Treasure Forever Weddings!

My focus has changed so much since the beginning of all this. You see, when I found my business name it was as if it can wrapped in a big box with a bow and all! Everything just kind of came into view for me, my passion arrived, my objective changed and a new business bloomed! I no longer saw it as things I *needed* to do, but things I *got* to do, pouring time and love into my new business!!

Now Treasure Forever Weddings is my baby. I love the name, I love the meaning behind the name, I love the journey it’s taken so far, and I love the One who has guided it this far!

Beginnings of a new beginning…

As I sit here to write my first post on my business blog, I can’t help but just stare at the screen a little as a million questions rush through my mind. In all truth, I’ve been pondering them all for some time now. “What will my goal be with this blog?” “What if people don’t actually read it, and I’m just wasting my time?” “What happens if I loose my inspiration and hit a posting-block?” “What type of blog am I really aiming to have?” And then there’s even more, but you get the idea 😉

Truth be told, that though these are all honest questions and ones I probably should be asking. I’ve created a simple answered outline but there’s a lot of answers that will just have to be filled in as we go! My goal for this blog goes hand in hand with the question of what type of blog I want to have. I’ve followed one gal’s blog now for years, she is a shop owner, book author, blogger, mommy, wife and Christian. I have always marveled at how well she manages to fit all that into her blogging personality! I feel like I know her so well after following her life the last 4+ years through her blog. And although the wife, mommy and certainly book author titles I don’t hold right now, there are many other aspects of my life that I hope to include in my blogging journey with you if you’ll have me 😉 And maybe over time you can say you feel like you really know me from just reading my blog!

Here is where my heart lies…in the hands of Christ. I am a Christian and pray to never be shy of that fact, the Lord is my stronghold! My heart also holds a special place for 11 very special people, soon to be 13 this Summer! Those dear people would be my family: My late father, who passed away on August 2nd 2014. My Mother, six sisters, brother Hudson and brother-in-laws Daniel and Christopher. And of course, the best for last, my nephews! Nathan (2) and Justice (1), they make me one proud Auntie and I can’t wait to welcome two more sweet blessings in June and September!!

Then comes the things I love…first, is where I consider my childhood roots and the town that holds so many precious memories, Palmer Alaska!! I am so blessed to be in this beautiful state of Alaska and honestly know no other place I’d rather be. Second, is my business. Though it is young and I am pouring all I can into it right now, I love it and it’s already a dream come true to be this far! I am so excited for whatever is in store for me in this and can’t wait to bless others with my gifts and time! Thirdly, is my current part-time jobs 😉 One, working for my family’s business Gladheart Acres, making soaps, lotions and other bath bliss. I have grown up in this business and it has taught me so many things. I also love working at The Boardwalk Shop in Wasilla, I feel like I’ve almost done this all my life too! I love the happy (most of the time:)) customers and wonderful opportunities both businesses bring!

My passion in my business is enormous and yet rather simple! The thing I am really focused on, is making my clients happy with themselves, my services and ultimately with their wedding! I have great dreams and goals for my business and will work and pray hard to achieve them. I also see the importance of small businesses and have made countless connections with wedding vendors that own small businesses but aren’t on every local magazine or website page. I try to work with these vendors as much as possible, because, well most are just as equal as the big names in quality services! There is so much more I could keep writing about my business, but I’m thinking there’ll be other blog posts to pick things up from 😉

I think I shall call to close this beginning of a new beginning, and say ‘until next time’! I am excited and a tad bit nervous. But I am looking forward to seeing what the new beginning of Treasure Forever Wedding’s blog will bring us!!