Stop & smell the Roses

My dear friend, you are a beautiful bride and I trust you’ll make a wonderful wife.

Theres just one thing, and if you’ll allow me, I’d like to share a little phrase with you. To some, it may seem silly perhaps even unnecessary but I’d say its very necessary!

The little phrase my friend is as follows…

“Stop and smell the Roses”

These words have been spoken & written countless times but when we take into account all of today’s comings and goings its hard to know if we truly mean them. Let me assure you, I do!


When you find yourself engulfed in all of life’s responsibilities, tasks and social obligations remember that life is but a passing.


It is the large, as well as the small things in life that make life worth while. So, do take a small moment each day to enjoy those small things and to…

“Stop & smell the Roses”


Special Offer

Hi friends, hope this Wednesday afternoon is treating you well! It’s hard to believe that it is already July 1st, this year seems to be speeding by. Speaking of July 1st, it brings me to a happy announcement I get to share with you today…

I will be offering a special offer of 25% off services of Complete Wedding Planning and Day-Of Coordination. Be sure to get in touch with me and lets talk wedding!! This offer is good for clients that book Treasure Forever Weddings in July-August of 2015. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting those who just might benefit from this great deal!

special offer

Wedding guest etiquette

I recently came across this blog post by Every Last Detail and found it so valuable that I thought I’d share it with you! I echo everything this gal has said and hope you find it helpful. 

Shared blog post….


“”[Editor’s Note: I get the distinct pleasure of getting to be a guest at a wedding this upcoming weekend- and at my brother’s wedding nonetheless! And since I don’t get to attend weddings too often, I found myself brushing up on this information of what a wedding guest should know. I originally wrote this a while back, but I’ve gone ahead and updated it a little bit to include even more information, so join me in brushing up on wedding guest etiquette, won’t you?]

Fall and summer are pretty popular times for weddings to occur, and along with that comes the pleasure of attending those weddings! And even though I normally post wedding planning advice for brides, today I thought I would share some insight for wedding guests… specifically, information that is crucial for every wedding guest to know!
In the past few years, I’ve learned that there can sometimes be a bit of confusion for guests about certain aspects of a wedding. The ceremony, cocktail hour, seating charts, and food stations are just a few of the many things to take in at a wedding, and it’s a good idea for you to be a little in-the-know about everything beforehand.

Having been a wedding planner in my former life (and still coordinating weddings with friends from time-to-time), I can tell you that a large part of a wedding planner’s job is dealing with guests, and let me tell you- I’ve witnessed a few “unsavory” things from guests that could have easily been avoided if they had just known! And so I’ve put together a few tips for wedding guests from my own experiences, wedding professionals, and even brides…

>> Do not bring a guest unless the couple has indicated that you can- RSVP for the people that are listed on the invitation’s envelope only.

>> Make sure to double check that you wrote your name (and meal selection if applicable) on the RSVP card.

>> Even if it is not mentioned, leave the kids at home unless they are a part of the wedding party.

>> Oh, and let’s not forget to RSVP on time! (Admittedly, I am AWFUL at this, so my recommendation is to send your RSVP as soon as you get the invitation!)

>> Read all of the info on the accommodations card and wedding website so you don’t have to ask the bride or groom in the days before the wedding. It should all be there for you!

>> Don’t text or call the bride the day of the wedding explaining your issues or asking questions.

>> Be present for the day! Don’t stay behind a camera or your cell phone… celebrate with the bride and groom!

>> Don’t come empty handed. Even the smallest gift is appreciated. If you are purchasing a gift, have it sent to the couples home instead of bringing it to the reception. Cards are always nice too.

>> Show up on time! Which means… 20-25 mins before the ceremony start time that is on the invitation! And on that note… also try not to show up WAY early either!

>> Stay out of the aisle during the ceremony!

>> And with that, please refrain from taking photos with your phones/cameras/iPads during the ceremony- especially if the bride and groom have requested that you refrain from doing so!

>> Please don’t try to turn your friend’s wedding into your family photoshoot/reunion.

>> If transportation (such as a shuttle) is being provided for you, use it!

Image by Reign 7 Photography

>> Dress accordingly. Please remember to check the weather before you leave.

>> Again, check the weather. You might want to bring a sweater or umbrella, just in case.

>> Dress appropriately for the setting. Turn to the invitation and/or wedding website to decipher the style and location of the wedding and recommended attire. If you can’t figure it out from that, ask around- just try not to ask the bride… she probably doesn’t need any more stress than she already has.

>> This should be a given, but don’t wear white (unless instructed to by the bride).

>> Get to the cocktail hour when it starts, and stay the full time.

>> Don’t try to push your way into the reception because you’re ready to sit down or claim your seat. Often times finishing touches are being made or photos are being taken, and it is preferred that guests wait until the designated time to enter the reception. The bride and groom have a cocktail hour for a reason, and there is most likely a plan in place- you should respect that.

>> If there are stations or a buffet, you will be released by table- by someone in charge- to get your food.

>> The pretty, big, sparkly plates at your placesetting? Those are likely chargers. They are not to be used as dinner plates.

>> If seated at a long table without specific assigned seats (typically indicated by place cards) please do not leave 1 chair between yourself and the next person. There are a specific number of chairs available for a set number of guests.

>> Please remember that the bride and groom (and/or their parents) are paying for you to eat and drink. The best thing you can do is enjoy it!

>> The couple *really* wants you to dance and use the photo booth! Again, if it’s there, it was paid for with the aim of your enjoyment.

>> Please don’t try to do a toast/speech unless you have been asked to do so.

>> At the reception, don’t assume that “extra” favors, candies, bottles of champagne, etc. are yours for the taking! They could have plans for those things after the wedding!

>> Don’t just grab things that you see, unless you KNOW they belong to you or your date. This includes an umbrella covering the photographer’s equipment, candles and centerpieces on the table, and random jackets on chairs. If you do see something lying around, give it to a staff member at the wedding.

>> Please don’t leave with the centerpieces unless you’re told to. The vase is probably rented!

Image via Megan Martin Creative

>> Please be mindful of the couple’s wishes that are being carried out by wedding professionals. If a planner or coordinator tells you something that you don’t necessarily like, it’s for a reason that has been predetermined by the couple.

>> Trust the photographer to get the shots that the couple wants. The couple hired them for a reason, and chances are good that they are going to be happier they picked the photographer’s image over yours.

>> Don’t jump in front of the photographer with your own camera during family photos and critical events.

>> Don’t try to talk to the photographer during the ceremony.

>> Please refrain from taking your own photos over the wedding photographer’s shoulder.

>> Remember that vendors involved with a wedding most likely know more about what should be going on than you do. If you have a question, ask someone in charge.

>> The couple has hired a professional photographer for a reason- they don’t need their guests to take photos with their own cameras, phones, and iPads. Just sit back and enjoy the moment.

I know that there is SO much more to all of this, and also that each wedding and couple and wedding guest is different. And yes, I could probably take each individual thing and write a full post about it. Perhaps I will one day- but for the time being, I just wanted to get these tips out there for wedding guests. Because when it comes down to it, the bride and groom want everyone to have a great time at their wedding, and these tips will only help you achieve that!

Have some other tips to add for wedding guests? Feel free to add your own in the comments!””


Thanks for reading you guys and enjoy those upcoming opportunities to be a wedding guest!!

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Real life-Willow Fire

I know as a professional business owner, I am really “supposed” to stick to business. The things people want to read and hear about, the things that will matter to my clientele. Being in the wedding business, for me that means mostly love and romance…anything involving engagements, weddings, marriage, love and relationships altogether. I love to talk about those things, they’re beautiful and real, but life areas of being real.

Tonight we’re witnessing a very real tragedy right outside our doors, in the form of a wildfire that is burning acres upon acres of land. I’ve watched the stats of this fire grow all afternoon, into the evening and now as I sit here late at night, there still seems to be no relief. This fire is taking homes, livestock, and as I mentioned, acres of land.

willow fire

Please join me in prayer for all involved in this fire that is now being called “The Sockeye Fire”. As we watch Willow and on into Houston get gulfed into flames across 6,500 acres, please lift a prayer for the emergency responders, as well as the families of those responders…I know some personally who are asking for our prayers.  There are many, many homes that have been evacuated and families that are moving themselves and livestock out of danger and are worried sick about their homes. My own sister and her family are a part of the other many that have packed and just awaiting the call to evacuate.

Our community is coming together to offer whatever kind of support and help we can. Let’s remember that the greatest power we possess is to pray for an end to this fire…I’m hoping for a mighty and unexpected down-pour of rain tonight!


This may not be the norm of posts I’ll make, but life is real and it doesn’t get more real then lifting a hand and a prayer for your neighbor!

God bless, and I hope to be back in the morning with a positive update!

A quiet Afternoon

Vanilla blueberry latte, monster cookie, and my Mingle magazine, one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in my opinion!!


This coffee mug is one of my favorites (chips and all!), inside the rim it says “Keep calm and carry on” and that’s exactly what’s a happenin’ right now! If you haven’t tried a vanilla blueberry latte, I seriously advise it…it’s movin’ up towards Carmel lattes on my list! <shocker!>


Have you read any of the Mingle magazines published by Stampin’ Up? These are some of my very favorites, I look for them each time one comes out. I’ll be honest…this isn’t my first time through this copy, not even my second time through…needless to say they are well loved by yours truly! Pick one up at the grocery store next time you’re out, they are well worth the spend. This issue goes off display end of June so be sure to grab it before it’s gone!


Difference Between Planners & Coordinators

“Planners” & “Coordinators”

These two titles are mentioned so often in the wedding and event planning industry that if you don’t have a good understanding of the differences, it could be confusing.

Essentially both planners and coordinators are WEDDING PLANNERS. That is the actual professional title, the planning and coordinating aspect are merely in place to describe the services offered.

Before I continue, I want to just say that whether you are hiring a wedding planner to be your planner or coordinator, you are still part of the planning process. It’s your wedding, your vision and your day, you should be involved whether that’s largely or partially!

Here is a little breakdown of the services included in a “planner’s” & “coordinator’s” role…

Planner:: Is the person who makes the critical decisions involved in your wedding, the what, when, who and how!

Coordinator:: Is responsible for making sure all those decisions are executed on day-of.

Planner & Coordinator:: Both planners and coordinators are focused, organized and resourceful!

**The planner is focused on planning your wedding…no matter how many or what other events she may be planning, *yours* is truly important to her. The planner is organized, and the more organized she is the better…she keeps all your wedding details in an organized file to save time, and confusion. Last but not least, the planner is resourceful…this especially comes into play with the budget when planning.

**The coordinator is focused on your wedding…because during set-up, rehearsal, through-out the day, with all the details…your wedding is truly what she’s focusing all her attention on for the day. The coordinator is organized and again, the more organized the better! She needs to be organized on the wedding day so that things can go smoothly and stay on-time. Being resourceful pretty much comes within the title of ‘coordinator’, any last minute bugs, no-show vendors, emergencies, etc. all force her to use her resources, creativity and pull from what she has!

Planner:: A planner is the one who does all the before-wedding duties and organization. Dealing with the vendors, bride and wedding vision for months and creating a perfect design.

Coordinator:: A coordinator is responsible for executing the details, logistics, and solving day-of problems.

Planner & Coordinator:: You can’t have one without the other!

Even if you hired a wedding planner for the “day-of coordination” services, you are still the planner that does the before-wedding work and it’s the coordinator’s responsibility to execute your plans. Imagine having all the plans but no one on site to execute them, or not having any plans in store and hiring a wedding coordinator to “put it together” which simply can’t be planned in 3 hours. When hiring a large company as your wedding planner, there may be two people that end up doing your wedding…the planner and the coordinator. You’ll also find that a wedding planner won’t offer her wedding planning services without the coordination on the day, however if you hire her as day-of coordinator…that does exclude the detail planning and designing of your wedding.

When you hire Treasure Forever Weddings, I am the planner and coordinator in one, with the exception that I may have staff on hand day-of.

Planner & Coordinator:: Both have the same goal and that is to make sure you (the bride) is happy and that your wedding is what you’ve envisioned and beyond!

A tip when hiring a wedding planner or coordinator::

These are the general outlines of what the responsibilities are of each, however, services included in packages vary from company to company. It is very important to read through contracts, ask any questions you may have prior to signing and to make sure you understand all that is covered and not covered with the services.

Best of luck to you! ❤



You may enjoy my recent post “Why should I hire a day-of Coordinator?”

Ben & Lily Wedding

The weather turned out beautifully on Saturday for a lovely wedding for the new Mr & Mrs King!


A great time was had by all at the Alaska Paradise venue in Palmer. The mountain views were amazing, I never get tired of Alaska’s beauty!


I was able to snap a few pictures, but you’ll have to forgive the quality please I was on the run and only had my iPhone.

ready to go


A gorgeous day all the way around. And a fabulous couple, congrats you guys!!

25th Wedding Anniversaries

Isn’t it beautiful to see how two people have

committed their lives to one another

and have spent 25 years loving and caring for each other?!

Did you know Treasure Forever Weddings can help you plan a spectacular 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration? I love to see couples that have shared so much and have loved each other through 25 years of marriage with hopefully many more to come!!
Are you approaching your 25th anniversary or perhaps know someone who’s looking for a coordinator to help them plan an amazing celebration? Send me an email, I look forward to hearing from you!


Beautiful Alaska

   We live in such a beautiful, breath taking place! It’s no wonder people put Alaska on their travel bucket lists, nor that brides want to get married here…can you blame them?

                      ak1                ak101

It is such a blessing to live here amidst the mountains and lakes, rivers and wildlife!


What have you been doing to soak up all the beautiful sunshine we’ve been getting? I’ve been enjoying drives around Alaska with my family when we can!


Thank you, Lord for just gorgeous cenery you’ve created!!

Why Should I Hire a Day-Of Coordinator?


“””Why should I hire a day-of coordinator??””

excellent question…

I am so glad to have some answers for you that will hopefully help you make the right decision regarding hiring a day-of coordinator. Here’s a little secret about a “day-of” coordinator…no matter who you hire, there’s no wedding/event planning business that offers only the one day service, the one day coordinating thing isn’t really out there. A day-of coordinator usually begins 3-6 weeks before the wedding working with the client and drawing up a map, if you will, of the wedding weekend. Day-of coordination is rather, coordination for the wedding day!

Often times, when you are looking for a day-of coordinator it means you have planned your wedding and now need someone to come in and execute your vision and all your hard work, keep your day free of any disasters, and make your wedding run as perfect as a dream! Let me assure you of some good news, that can happen!!

“The Cost?” you may ask…

You will find that the cost varies from business to business, it depends on who you choose and what location you’re looking in. Locally day-of coordination costs between $1000-$2500. My day-of coordination package, which includes everything listed in this post (and probably more I haven’t mentioned!) is priced at $700.00!! This is to ensure that your day is that huge reward of all the work of planning that you’ve put into it, and so you are able to be the gracious, happy hosts at your wedding.

“But what does a day-of coordinator DO?” well, my visionary inquirer, you ask some mighty good questions!

A day-of coordinator actually does so much! Remember when I said things don’t really only happen on the day-of? Yeah, lets take it back a few weeks…lets say 4. If you came to me 4 weeks before your wedding interested in my services, I’d set up a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss your wedding and details. Once a contract is signed within the next few days, I get to work! I’ll go over all your wedding planning to familiarize myself with your wedding. I will create a detailed timeline for your wedding, get a final head-count to your caterer, run the wedding rehearsal the day before your wedding, along with making other lists and things but you get the idea there!

Now we’ve come to your wedding day, wait….congratulations, you’re getting married!!! Ok, so my duties of the day first and foremost include keeping disasters from coming your way and if they do happen to sneak past me, I take care of them so no one will be any the wiser! I will coordinate all the vendors you are using, making sure everyone has shown up (on time!), are doing their part and that all is running smoothly. I will run through your wedding venue checking to be sure all large and small details are just as they should be. I will be with you my dear as you and your lovely ladies are getting dressed, assisting and making sure you stay calm! I will guide the bridal party through the processional and recessional, as well as guiding your timeline by cueing all wedding professionals. You can rest assured that I will be in the background the entire day, making sure that everything is flowing perfectly and that you and all your guests are having a fabulous day!!

“Have you handled a disaster as a day-of coordinator?” funny you should ask, there have indeed been a few! Here’s the story of one…

“”Once upon a time there was a beautiful young maiden who was about to marry the man of her dreams! She had been through the wedding rehearsal and long set up day, and now she just couldn’t wait to be married and have her handsome man change her last name! On her wedding day she arrived at the church excited and anxious for the wedding, only to find that her flowers had been delivered a different color then she had chosen. Shocked with the mistake of it, she asked her day-of coordinator what she could possibly do to save her wedding. Well, this wedding coordinator got out her handy little IPhone and started making phone calls as soon as someone mentioned floral spray paint! Finally she was able to have the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets sent to a local wedding florist to get changed out. But what could she do with the large ceremony arrangements?! Aw yes, the floral paint! It was purchased and brought to the location. It was almost time for guests to start arriving, close family was already showing up, but guess who was around the corner of that church saving that beautiful bride’s day? I imagine you guessed the same as I, the day-of coordinator…kneeling there on the ground spray painting the flowers. Once all the flowers were the lovely color they were ordered and were placed back in the church, the guests started arriving and all was right! The bride was so happy with her flowers and pleased that her day was as beautiful as the summer day outside thanks to her coordinator……””

…ok, so yes it was me!! Hannah with Treasure Forever Weddings to the rescue!


So my dear friend, how can I help you and save you some stress on your wedding day? ❤

Contact me at or call/text me at 907-982-819